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A Ginger Gold Mystery

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Cozy Audio Mystery of the Week - Murder on the S S Rosa by Lee Strauss.

Set off for England aboard the SS Rosa with Lady Ginger Gold in the first book in the series. Author, Lee Strauss, has created a vivid set of characters set in the 1920s. Ginger Gold is a woman ahead of her time, and the handsome Inspector Reed, a regular in the series, will have his hands full trying to keep Ginger out of his investigations. It's no use. Not only will he realize he needs the help of Lady Gold, but he'll require the help of Haley, her traveling companion, a former nurse to Ginger's father and an aspiring pathologist. Boss, the Boston Terrier who always has something to add to each mystery.

First Paragraph

In the dismal autumn of 1918 Ginger Gold had vowed she'd never go back to Europe. Yet here she was, five years later in 1923, aboard the SS Rosa as it traversed the Atlantic from Boston to Liverpool.

Audio Version

The audio version is read by Elizabeth Klett. She has a calming voice making the story easy to listen to regardless of the character she is reading. She does a good job with both American and British English accents.

Key Information

#ladydetective #British #aristocracy #romance

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