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A Katherine Sullivan Mystery

Cozy Audio Mystery of the Week - The Fine Art of Murder by Emily Barnes

The Fine Art of Murder is the first in the Katherine Sullivan Mystery series. She’s a retired police chief who has returned to Edina, Minnesota after a brief attempt at retirement in New Mexico. She has a daughter, Lizzie, who needs help after a divorce, but when a dead body is found on the estate of the town’s wealthiest family, and Lizzie's new boyfriend, Randolph Pierce is implicated, Katherine is determined to use the skills acquired from a life-long career in policing. She thinks she knows better than Dean Bostwick, the new police chief who used to work for her. It doesn't matter to Katherine that the chief would rather she mind her own business and stay out of his, but it isn't long before he's begrudgingly accepting her help on the case. Along the way, she'll get some help from Nathan Walker, an old friend of hers from the police force.

There are only two books in this series, but they’re both available as audiobooks through Hoopla.

Audio Version

The audio version is read by Carrington MacDuffie. 6 hours 45 minutes

Key Information

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