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Cozy Mystery Audio

Listening to Audio Books from your Library with Hoopla

My favorite chill-out read is a cozy mystery. For years I've 'read' audio, and the truth is that almost all the fiction reading / listening that I do is through the library.

I was excited to find that through Hoopla, authors receive payment every time their book is checked out. That means, I can read for free, while the authors get paid, so they can continue to write their wonderful books.


Right now Hoopla is offered in the United States and Canada. You can check out books with your library card. Many libraries use Hoopla. If yours does not, you might want to request the service.


What's on this site. I've created a list of authors that have audio books that I found at my library through Hoopla. Because cozy mysteries are almost always written as a series, I like to know the order of the books. I do my best to read the books in the order they were published. For that reason, I have listed all of the books in the series, even if they are not available at the library - or available as audio books. 

When there is an audio book available through the library, I have put the link to Hoopla. There may be an ebook version of the book. However, I haven't put a link to any of the ebooks. So you can always try for yourself. 

About AI Voices (Text-to-Speech)

More and more often, I'm willing to listen to an ebook with the AI text-to-speech reader. The voice technology is improving rapidly. In the next few years, there are going to be dramatic advances in how we're able to listen to text. 

Narrators will be recording their own voices and then using them to narrate books. You'll have more control over selecting voices that you prefer. As the technology expands, I'll keep you posted about what books are available to you through audio.

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