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Mystery at
Clarke Mansion

A Kate & Nick Mystery

Cheryl Rodgers

Coming April 2023

Kate and her adoring younger husband, Nick Gregory, are kicking back and enjoying retirement on the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan near Chicago. But when they discover a curious case of vandalism at a luxurious lakeside wedding venue, they step into action when their friend is accused of the crime.


Determined to see justice done, the couple jump into their ’65 Shelby Cobra and set off to expose the true culprit. As they tap into Kate’s museum connections while Nick tosses around terrible puns, the trail of clues begins to take shape.


Will their sense of fun and sharp wit be enough to stop the wrong man from taking the fall?


Mystery at Clarke Mansion is the charming first book by Cheryl Rodgers in the Kate and Nick Mysteries amateur sleuths series.

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